Monday, January 11, 2010

Well, I think I have to back up a little. I didn't realize I hadn't posted since before Thanksgiving. Well, we had a visit from WAWA before then and I failed to mention that!!!! Fun was had by all. I can't get over the strong bond the girls have with her.
Rena flew into Greensboro on a Wednesday and I took the girls to pick her up. Well she surprised them in the food court and they almost pushed her over when they ran to give her a hug. Almost made me cry. They were inseperable for the next week....
We went and saw xmas lights at Tanglewood, hung out, and did a lot of nothin'! We LOVED it! Can't wait for the next time.

We are well on our way to home ownership once again. A friend of mine is a realtor and is walking us through this purchase as this is a "new construction", so things are a little different. We are puting an offer on a model home in a new developement closer to Bob's work. It has 3br, 3 1/2 bath with a loft that can be a possible 4th br. The garage is the builder's office right now and we plan to keep it that way and us it as Bob's office and maybe eventually an "inlaw" space (hint, hint mom:-). We hope to have the offer in by Monday and be moved in by June. We qualify for a $6500 tax credit, so we want to beat the deadline for that. Who can say no to free money!!!!

The girls are both growing so fast. Katie is talking up a storm using complete sentences. She is growing taller, but still doesn't weigh a lot. Just keeping an eye on that. Annabelle is doing great in preschool and learning a lot. She is like a sponge! She is all about rhyming right now. She is constantly telling me when words rhyme (even when they don't!). They are both VERY strong willed, which makes for some stressful days. They play nicely one minute and fight like cats and dogs the next. And I thought I had a lot of patience...

Annabelle has been in dance/tumbling class for the past several months and loves it! She has a recital on the 23rd so I will post some pics. She was so proud of herself (I was proud too) on Friday when she did a full pullover on the uneven bars and a forward roll on the balance beam. They really give them a workout!

I went to the doctor today and she prescribed physical therapy for my back and knee...hopefully this will help! Everything else seems fine. Adjusted some medication to try to increase my energy level. God knows I need that with these two girls and Kaylee too!

Well, I hope this finds everyone well and love you all!

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  1. OHHHHH!!! I miss my babies! I love the pics! Good luck on your offer...keep us posted!